Throwback Thursday, National Volunteer Week edition: Call For Volunteers

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Women of Winnipeg, MB took up the cause of volunteers during World War 2. | Les femmes de Winnipeg, MB ont forme une force des benevoles durant la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale. (Source: National Film Board/Office National du Film)

This week’s Throwback Thursday post, in honour of National Volunteer Week, is a short film called “Call for Volunteers”. This short archival film from WWII depicts how the women of Winnipeg opened a volunteer bureau and enlisted 7000 womeninto the war effort. Through a variety of activities, these women extended and maintained social services during the war. Look out for a special appearance by the YMCA of Winnipeg! Check out the link below.

En reconnaissance de la Semaine de l’action des bénévoles, on vous présente “Call for Volunteers” un court-métrage qui s’agit les femmes de la ville de Winnipeg qui ont formé un bureau de bénévoles pour servir le peuple dans plusieurs façons. Le YMCA de Winnipeg fait un passage éclair!

Call For Volunteers

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