My Summer Bucket List Photo Challenge, Week 1: Make a New Friend (or three)! | Concours “Ma Liste de Coeur d’été” semaine 1: Faire un nouvel ami (ou 3!)

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Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.”–Anais Nin

So you’ve just left home maybe for the first time on your own, and you might be feeling excited, unsure, or maybe a mix of both. Here’s the good news: you  don’t have to start your journey alone! Friends make the journey much more fun, more bearable and that much more memorable.

Our first challenge for you: take a selfie with a new friend, or even an epic selfie with your new crew! The best 4 pictures will be features on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and will be eligible for a prize!


SWSE National Staff selfie….with Monkey Socks (our mascot) at Union Station, Toronto.

SWSE Quebec Staff Selfie!
SWSE Quebec Staff Selfie!

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